pátek 18. ledna 2013

Schedules, features and similar creatures at FUDCon

Schedules, features and similar creatures at FUDCon - Day 1

FUDCon is here (and most people are already here, some still lost somewhere in space travelling ;-) and for quite a long time it's being planned as "the FUDCon to solve all our problems" regarding the items listed in topic.

Today's Bar Camp sessions

14:30 - 15-20: Overhauling the Fedora release model, 2112 Learned
16:30 - 17:20: Schedule as a tool,  2133 Learned

I can't talk about the first one - actually I'm looking forward to see what's going to be part of this one but I think it could be very nice kickup of discussion for follow up schedule/release hackfest I'd like to run tomorrow.

In the second one (and it's my session) - I'm more going to answer the question how to use schedules we provide, not to answer how/what and when we are going to release (so, sorry - no F19 schedule, not now! ;-). But as a tool - there's still some stuff to be improved - new TaskJuggler, linking to SOPs, move the schedule to more neutral place - so no new URL with new Program Manager ;-). Also a lot of teams are surprised by their own schedule - usually I hear - really? We came with this schedule? So clean up is really needed - nice task for F19!


I do not have more details for hackfest right now, but once it's scheduled - I'll share more :) But it will already a Day 2 (and for one guy the time he will hopefully arrive to FUDCon ;-). We have plenty of topics, a lot of ideas, drafts, proposals appearing for ages - reserve a time!

Really creatures?

But I'm really happy to hear a positive feedback on the first change we implemented for F19 - the announcement on devel-announce (even it makes people to spend more time on devel-announce  moderation queue), even here on FUDCon. So I hope we will move with it even more during FUDCon!

Enjoy and feel free to stop me, the guy with the cow (for whose who do not know me ;-).

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