středa 10. června 2009

Fedora 11 KDE Desktop Edition

Hi all fans Fedora KDE fans!
Last time I promised more KDE related blog posts but as you could see - nothing happened. Really sorry, I hope I'll fight my laziness and I'll write more!

Another half year has already passed and we have new brave Leonidas release of Fedora KDE Desktop! The King of Lions will guide you through your new desktop and will lead and guard your computer against all enemies! Viva Leonidas, viva Fedora, viva KDE!

So, what's new in Fedora 11 (from KDE point of view)? Fedora KDE Desktop Edition is based on KDE 4.2.3 (with 4.2.4 waiting for updates-testing, expect it soon) and Qt 4.5.0 (4.5.1 in updates-testing). Both were released too late to be included in F11 by default. PolicyKit-KDE is now fully integrated, same for KPackageKit. Fedora 11 features new Leonidas artwork (more later).

Leonidas Artwork
Fedora Design team did again great work (even there were some problems and the artwork creation process has to be changed a lot) and I have to thank Samuele Storari for another great wallpaper.

KDM login

Splash screen - with wave progress bar (thanks goes to Charlie Brej)

This release we have even more Leonidas wallpapers - the default one, the default one with King of Lions (leonidas-kde-theme-lion package, not installed by default) and landscape one (leonidas-kde-theme-landscape, again not installed by default).

For more info see Desktop Release Notes.

Get Fedora KDE Desktop Edition!

Final speech
Let me say last two words. Thank you! Yes, thank you - KDE developers, KDE SIG colleagues and especially you - our users! You're our motivation!