pátek 7. května 2010

Dissents (just a quick reply)

This is not a blog post but more likely just a quick reply to Seth Vidal's blog as it's not possible to comment it.

Indeed - rules are needed on our highways - as drivers don't care about each other (that's just sad). So we have (better have to have) rules - but what would you say to speeding limit 5 mph (as cars are dangerous, killing people), only blue cars are allowed, drivers has to be provendrivers (as we can't trust normal drivers). That's nonsense, isn't it? Policies should not be just for creating policies.

Sorry - I've never considered myself as dissent, I'm trying to help Fedora project as much as I can (and not only because it's my job in Red Hat but I really want to do, I want to be part of one of best open source community), maybe I didn't create Fedora but that doesn't mean I should be quiet (in Czech - drzet hubu a krok). I'm not blaming anyone (and of course thanks for people who started Fedora, who are actively contributors, users, everyone) - but all, please care about others in community or we'll die. And, yes I understand reasons for some policies and rules we already have but...

I was born to be open (and now to be wild (dissent) :D).