pátek 25. listopadu 2011

Thank you (for release party)!

I have to say, Fedora 16 Release party was a huge success - at least for me. But I expect everyone who attended it, can agree. This time it was impossible to count all people. We had only 65 seats as our Tower Big meeting room is not as big even with Small one together. And all there held with about another 65 people staying around, eating, chatting etc. For Beefy Miracle Jirka was joking about renting the first league football stadium next to the office ;-)

We had some refreshment and junk food. As always - we feed people first to make them happy and to complain later ;-)

There were several talks scheduled - aiming mainly users - so desktop ones, we were asked for Fedora Cloud offering one. Also I should mention Fedora QA and systemd.

I'm really happy how Jirka Eischmann restarted Czech Fedora community after the clinical death (caused by lack of ambassadors here, Ubuntu hype) - especially in the country, where all the old true Linux guys started on Red Hat Linux. You can read his article in Czech on our new Fedora.cz portal. And I'm really happy I can help him :)

pátek 18. listopadu 2011

Fedora 16 Verne, the Plasma one and marketing

Fedora 16 Verne is out for more than one week now and of course it contains the latest Qt and KDE Plasma bits. And when I say latest, I mean really THE latest. This time we were probably too overhyped with Qt 4.8, so you'll find RC1 and you know, the nerves waiting at least for it (rc1).... I hope it will change with Open Governance and we will get public release schedules. There are also zero-day 4.7.3 updates available for F16. It's something you can expect from Fedora. But Lukas Tvrdy reminded me one thing we usually fail, especially our KDE SIG team. Marketing. Yeah, I know - we can't compete with you, Krita guys - the Comic book with DVD is really awesome (/me wants more, thank you Timothee!!! Btw. your website is broken, no links are working). But we should work on it, make more KDE Plasma appearance in release notes, announcements, over Internet, reviews and blogs ;-) Well, let's make it better.

The Fedora KDE SIG team and Jules Verne are proud to announce Fedora 16, the KDE Plasma Edition is available for download (for over week now :). Please, visit the spin homepage.

The most visible change for users and the most notable one is probably change of our packaging schema - as we want to stick to upstream as close as possible, we provide split packages now.

I've found one review, nice reading, called "Fedora 16 KDE: Improving Perfection". Please, if you like Fedora and Plasma, write more, help us with marketing. Also I'd like to react to this review - why two media players? We'd like to have only one - most of people prefer Amarok and we think it's the one everyone is looking for. For now we gave an excuse to JuK. Or should we try Bangarang?

Also we're preparing Fedora 16 release party in Brno, everyone from this area is welcomed to join us. It's also being my birthday party - 23rd November at Red Hat's Tower Meeting Room. Please, sign up. I'll show you again the shining Plasma bits. Hopefully with Plasma Active running on top of Fedora (we're currently working on).

čtvrtek 3. listopadu 2011

Run for Fedora chair!

Take this blogpost more as reminder than urging you ;-) but as probably many of you know, there are another (the years and Fedoras are passing faster and faster...) elections coming, with nominations opened. It's going to close soon on Nov 5 (the midnight) and it seems there's a lack of interested. At least for Board and FESCo - more seats free than people nominated... And listening to some people complaining how bad FESCo or Board is, it makes sense to do your part!

Well, visit http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections and you'll see what to do!