středa 2. června 2010

World Environment Day at Red Hat Czech office - a KDE logo

Red Hat is trying very hard on the field of green computing - for example power management efforts and of course on green environment too. So on 5th June we are joining World Environment Day. I'm usually not very green guy - but I try to behave nice to my environment (and not only planet Earth but people all around). I don't have a car, we have great public transportation system here in Brno and it's quite cheap. I try not to buy a lot of potential waste etc..

But now we have this week full of green activities and one is making pictures from old bottle's tops. And as there are a lot of KDE supporters and users in the office - we tried KDE logo ;-) Yes, it's a terribly undersampled - lack of white tops but it's our KDE logo! Step away from your LCD and you'll see it!

PS: all tops are going to be recycled (and probably taken by car to some place accepting this waste, so... :D)!
PS2: thanks to all KDE people here for testing, running their production systems with kde-unstable repo enabled by default, it eats kittens! Thanks Marcela, Dan and others!