pondělí 10. února 2014

End of (not my) life

Fedora's End of Life process creates a lot of discussion every time the magic script is executed. It's a life! Some folks do prefer notification emails sent from Bugzilla, another half dislike that spam (for Fedora 18 it's eliminated a bit). Clone versus reopen wars. As the script itself is pretty dumb and runs CSV file generated from Bugzilla, races occurs... And of course - the existence of the process itself. We can let bugs open without any attention or we can admit, we don't have enough man power to fix them all. Or both :). It's all up to discussion - we're open to any ideas, it's still open on devel list and FESCo ticket and we're trying to make sure it's not going to eat more kittens than it should.

But let's take a look on EOL from perspective of number of bugs closed. I was running the script from Fedora 14 up to Fedora 18 (with exception of Fedora 15 - Spot was doing it), so it's now possible to draw a simple chart and a lot of people were curios for stats.

As you can see, F14, F16 and F18 looks pretty similar. Approximately 6-7 thousand bugs, with F17 being exception.

Fedora 14 - 6370 bugs, 2012-08-16
Fedora 15 - no data, Spot was running script
Fedora 16 - 6805 bugs, 2013-02-12
Fedora 17 - 8208 bugs, 2013-07-30
Fedora 18 - 6445 bugs, 2014-02-05

I don't have total numbers of bugs right now, would be nice to see comparison but Bugzilla refuses to talk to me... 502... Also I tried to correlate numbers to Abrt bugs - looks consistent, no surprises (if you're interest in, I can share). And I'll let up to you to come with resolution what figure above means for us ;-).

Update: Bugzilla now talks to me again, so here is Total/EOL/Abrt bugs chart.