středa 26. listopadu 2008

Fedora 10 KDE Desktop Edition

Well, Fedora 10 finally arrived, successfully landed on the Earth, after half year trip from the outer space of Solar system far, far away and brought KDE 4.1.2 to users ;-)

I don't want to repeat again and again what has been already written about Fedora 10 around web (alien invasion) but I'd like to write some notes about KDE Desktop.

So a few preview bits of new KDE Desktop Edition: (nearly) everything is Solar now! Yes, it's real Solar mania because we like this theme, big thanks goes to Samuele Storari! I really enjoyed working on this theme with all of KDE SIG team members and you can see result in attached screenshots.

Login screen
- KDM theme called Solar Mania

Splash screen - theme called Solar Comet as you can see flashing stars, few small comets flying around and one big showing progress.

And finally Plasma Solar desktop

And what's new?
- KDE 4.1.2 (4.1.3 as 0-day update)
- KPackageKit
- Gtk styles can be used in Qt
- Panel autohide backport
- etc.

For more see KDE Release Notes.

Get Fedora KDE Desktop Edition!

It's honor and very exciting for me to be part of Fedora community and I'm happy I can help with my small piece to development of Fedora! And I'd like to post shouts on this blog about what's happening in KDE in Fedora, news, changes etc. We want you earthlings to switch to our true Solar KDE religion ;)

5 komentářů:

Unknown řekl(a)...

Those backgrounds and the login screen look really cool. Hope they will be available for other distros too. Unless Fedora will switch to deb-packagemanagement I don't think i would switch.

Rezza řekl(a)...

Hi Mark, it's opensource, so if you or anyone else, is interested in repackaging it to debian like package - feel free to do it! I can extract tarballs from SRPMs for you, they are in solar-backgrounds-common and solar-kde-theme packages. I'm sorry I don't have time to maintain two different versions :( Why not RPM? :-)

Unknown řekl(a)...

Looks interesting. Deb-packagemanagement ftw... and i might switch from Kubuntu...

Rezza řekl(a)...

What's wrong with RPM & Yum? ;-) I'm using both deb-like, RPM-like and I don't see any problems, everything is about quality of repository. And of course, old Zypper was really slow but now...

Anonymní řekl(a)...

I would only switch from the default Plasma theme. I use Stripshine.