úterý 10. dubna 2012

Fedora 17 KDE Plasma Workspaces Test Day today!

This blogpost is just a quick reminder for people who knows about our Fedora 17 Plasma Desktop Test Day but also invitation for the "rest" - users, testers and developers - you're welcome to join us ;-)

The main goal is to test Plasma Desktop integration in Fedora but I expect users will be reporting not only Fedora related issues. We will try to redirect these issues upstream but the test day is open for upstream developers too and would be great to have more hands to help.

The main topics are Desktop Effects enabled by default (as upstream already enables it by default, Gnome Shell is also accelerated only desktop and we think it's time give it a chance :) We disabled the initial LLVMpipe software rendering support.), Fedora KDE spin theming support, GDM integration - GDM switched from ConsoleKit to systemd, we have an initial support by Kevin Kofler (to be upstreamed) and hardware integration (Solid, Power management, bluetooth). Also the freeform essential applications testing.

It's held today (2012-04-10) at FreeNode #fedora-test-day channel!

Test Day Wiki with the recommended LiveCD image (with 4.8.2), brief overview and actual test cases and results.

Btw. if you are going to use KVM as found in Fedora 16/17 - change the video options to qlx/spice as cirrus/vnc is currently broken by the cirrus change to 16 bpp - see rhbz#810161.

See you today :)

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teho řekl(a)...

On topic of systemd are there any plans to port KDM/ligtDM to use it? What about the rest of KDE integration like localed etc?