středa 5. listopadu 2014

Fedora Beta Council

No, no, we won't have Beta Council, we're going to have final release from beginning (although implementation details has to be sorted out). It was just a coincidence - Fedora 21 Beta was released the same day as Council elections nomination period opened. Two announcements that had to go out yesterday.

Fedora Council nomination period is open by November 10th. If you're interested in to be a pioneer of the new Fedora and write history as member of the very first Fedora Council, please, add yourself to the Nominations page. If you know anyone, who would suit this role, talk to him, try to convince him to run for the seat. Two seats are available for community Elected Representatives. Another part of the Council is appointed but in a very clever way - by communities to serve specific roles (an Engineering Representative and an Outreach Representative). Then we have two appointed leadership roles - Fedora Project Leader and Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator. And two more members to help with diversity (Diversity Advisor) and secretary things (me aka Fedora Program Manager) but with limited voting scope. I really like the balance between appointed and elected seats and I hope to see a lot of folks running for Council seat!

Fedora 21 Beta is out. It was fun again, as always but we will work on a (I hope early) present for everyone delivered later this year. There are still a few things, that has to be sorted out but with very positive feedback on Alpha all around the Internet, we're on a good path. Currently, the plan is to release on December 9th.

That's all from me today, EON.