úterý 21. září 2010

FUDCon 2010 EMEA

Ok, I'm back with another blog post from another conference, from another time and another dimension (or maybe parallel universe? maybe I'm dead?). FUDCon is always a nice opportunity to meet known faces. And I think it's really great if you are able to map IRC nick to real person. It makes communication much more easier.

As probably everyone knows - we were in Zurich, Switzerland. Nice city and nice country, taking the best from Europe (no borders check for example) and still living on their own out of Brussels control. And merging FUDCon with FrOSCamp was a just brilliant idea! I met my OpenSUSE friends, KDE & Amarok people again...

System configuration
It's not a funny but it's true - I had to travel around the world to meet people from one project/one company to find the right people there (or ideas). I gave my talk about the current state of system configuration tools, what we have, what we are working on and what we'd like to do. And of course called for ideas. It's what we miss. Input from other people, from community. Also I gave a quick overview of my another involvement in Fedora - the newly established WebKit SIG and KDE (the Plasma rebranding stuff).

Fedora Mobility
This was a great Barcamp session held by Peter Robinson, the man who did a lot to support smaller devices in Fedora. I'd like to blog about this session separately - really important stuff for me. As I'm fan of mobile devices, Plasma has now Netbook UI, MeeGo and I'm the founder member of Openmobility group (Czech and Slovak open mobility community group).

The party
Wait, it was le-gen-da-ry one. No comment. No sleep ;-)

The trip
We have visited three interested places - Bodensee on the road to Zurich and Rhine falls on the trip back + Rapperswil (not Rapersville :D) - a nice city near the lake. Of course Zurich is a nice city, with Marcela, we tried to find some typical Swiss kitchen restaurant but it was nearly impossible (we found one but we had to wait too long to be serviced, so we left before). Finally typical British pub saved our souls from starvation.

I really enjoyed FUDCon this year but I miss something. If I compare NA and EMEA FUDCons, I have to say - it's really sad we don't have one big event for all devels on the same place. And to have some smaller events for users and people who really need to meet for specific regions (but FAD should work for them). And save some money to bring developers to NA.

On the other hand - thank you guys, I really like you all ;-) And big thanks to orgs!

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