středa 3. listopadu 2010

Fedora 14 - KDE Plasma Desktop one

another half year of our lives, another autumn out there, winter knocking on the doors, quite melancholy time, sickness all around - but don't worry, be open (and happy) - new Fedora is out! With Plasma lighting up your desktop. Yes, we released KDE version again, first time branded as Plasma Desktop one.

I'm sorry - our spin page does not reflect this change as we were unable to get website team to act (ticket sitting there for two months, last ping one week ago by Rex...) but now I have websites access and I promise to fix it asap. Even some pre-historic relict like "K Desktop Environment".

So what's new in our world? We ship 4.5.2 backed up by Qt 4.7.0 (wow, it was risky, we nearly missed release date here ;-) But thanks to all people who made this possible - Kevin Kofler, Rex Dieter, Than Ngo, Lukas Tinkl, Thomas Janssen and others (users, early testers...). This time I really liked Desktop Validation tests led by Adam Williamson - thank you!

Well, it's all - go to our download page! Do not try to use main "Get Fedora" as our spin is unfortunately hidden to your eyes - if you don't like it - report to websites team :(

PS: I'm preparing a few Fedora/Red Hat branded USB sticks with live version for LinuxAlt - biggest (and best) open source event here in Czech republic. So anyone interested in - just try to catch there and use magic password to get one ;-)

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Máirín řekl(a)...

Anonymní řekl(a)...

"This time I really liked Desktop Validation tests led by Adam Williamson - thank you!"

No, thank you for contributing to the tests :)

Rezza řekl(a)...

I'm not saying it's not there just more hidden to our eyes. And we've got a few complaints that it is too many clicks away from the fpo main page - so it's easier completely avoid it and send people directly to spin page.

The new design is much more fresh and alive. It's the right direction, only needs some fine-tuning (like download page and sometimes it does not render correctly for me, I'll try to find out what's the problem there).

Unknown řekl(a)...

Thanks as always for your great work with the KDE software in Fedora. I follow some of the mailing lists and IRC meetings a little (as well as having Fedora the home for my Plasma Desktop since Fedora 9) so I get to see a little of the work that goes in to making KDE stuff work well even when some of the directions of Fedora as a whole make it tricky.

It does bother me that the KDE download is so tucked away: from the home page (pretty btw) I need to click 'Download', realise the big 'download now' button on the next page is no good for me, try and spot a KDE option, see 'Desktops' and click on that, then on the next page try and scroll down to see a KDE option.

I also know the names and position of download has been raised on the lists in the past and was quite discouraged by that too.

It does make me consider other options, frankly, while I like a lot of what Fedora is about and appreciate particularly the work that the KDE SIG is doing.

Anonymní řekl(a)...

Thanks for all your work on Plasma.

Download of non-Gnome iso is still complicated as was said in previous comments.