pátek 8. dubna 2011

Building a gift

Well, it's Friday afternoon and we're just finishing Rawhide's Plasma 4.6.2 builds, codenamed "Congrats". And why congrats? As you can see, Fedora Planet is full of Gnome 3 release blogposts. So it is KDE community congratulations to finishing it and my gift for tomorrow's Gnome 3 Launch party @Prague I'm going to attend. I hope to meet a few friends from Gnome, other distributions (OpenSUSE guys, party animals are alive!) etc. The schedule looks awesome, even Unity is going to be presented there!

Gnome Live! event info page if you're interested to join us. Tom Bzatek and Jirka Eischmann have some small gifts for visitors :)

So congratulations Gnome guys! And see you tomorrow! Unit(y)ed (TM) - Gnome, KDE, RH, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE - celebrating.

PS: 4.6.2 build took some time, Rex being @Camp KDE, /me was working on presentation skills for the last two days... Expect F14/15 builds soon!

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