středa 20. dubna 2011

Fedora Booth at OSCON/LinuxExpo Prague

Wow, yesterday, for the first time, we were running Fedora booth at OSCON/LinuxExpo in Prague and I hope I can say it was successful first time! Actually, I don't remember anyone was running Fedora booth in Czech Republic for the last few years (what I know). But now, as we are growing here, we are trying to present Fedora as much as possible and break Ubuntu/OpenSUSE event's dominancy (nothing against you, you're doing a great deal of work guys!!!). The booth team consisted from Jirka Eischmann, Kamil Paral and Vita Humpa with help of local Fedorian - Matej Cepl, who had to woke up really early for two LCDs (I owe you coffee and mouse;-). And of course - a few other Red Hatters/Fedorians attended the event as guests and talkers at Open Source Conference.

You can ask why do I think it was a huge success - it's simple, after the first hour we ran nearly out of free medias and in absolute numbers (as Jirka told me) we gave away more medias than Ubuntu did! Also a lot of people stopped by at our booth, to chat, to ask questions or just to say hi. We also had stickers, Fedora buttons. We shown both Gnome Shell and Plasma Desktop.

And the booth next to us was showing Unity ;-). They were selling Ubuntu book, written partially by our booth staff (Jirka and Kamil) :D. The whole day ended in the nearby pub - the event was called "Distro party" - all booths together (Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE) and I really like these people, we are only a few guys here but we're working together to show how great open source is!

For more photos, check Jirka's gallery (I used a few).

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Anonymní řekl(a)...

Good job, I want to see more Fedora booths in the Czech republic. And I want to see you in Berlin at Linux-Tag. Period.

Rezza řekl(a)...

We'll be there. Period.