úterý 17. května 2011

Two (three) capital cities in one week - LinuxWochen and LinuxTag

As Marcela (and Kevin) pointed out - I've been to two European capital cities in one week. Actually - three - we have to change our bus at Prague (if you count 10 minutes for quick visit of local toilets). And why? It's easy - Fedora and my new duties as Fedora Ambassador.

At first - I've been to Vienna - it's about two hours by car from Brno, so nice place for one day trip/vacations. The schedule for Friday was awesome - Qt Quick Everywhere (now almost everywhere, not on WP7) but I spent most of the time on Fedora booth with Zoli, so no luck to see one. It's always wonderful to meet people face to face, even people who does not know what Fedora means. "Is it something similar to Ubuntu?" is probably most frequent question - that's task for us to make it "Is Ubuntu something similar to Fedora?". Sounds better, doesn't it?

Also we talked a lot with Zoli about how to make Fedora the best distro for Qt/MeeGo development - without need to distribute the whole Qt SDK. We have high quality Qt stack with Qt Creator but we still miss some pieces from mobile world. Latest Qt Mobility waits in Bodhi. Problem is QMF - there's review in Bugzilla - but as one upstream developer commented it - it's actually the meego-qmf version, not pure qt-qmf. My solution is to rename it to meego-qmf and provide qt-qmf (as it's subset in MeeGo version). This should work and I hope they'll merge again soon (it's the plan as I understand). So I think - it's possible to provide best MeeGo development experience within Fedora. Also - I had a luck with the first try make MeeGo Tablet UX working in Fedora - I'll blog about it later.

The next capital city was Berlin and much, much more bigger event - LinuxTag. Christop said - you'll be there. Period. So I and Jiri Eischmann - the new and amazing Fedorian/Red Hatter - visited it. We arrived on Tuesday and after lunch, we helped guys to set up the booth. One small note - you can understand German if you are working on booth construction :) Unfortunately we stayed in Berlin only for one and half fair day. But again - tiring but awesome. To meet our users. Even from Ubuntu booth.

We were showing several nice technologies - I played a lot with Gnome Shell - it's quite nice on touch screens, on my tablet/netbook we were showing Plasma Netbook (even one Mageia guy was surprised they are shipping it too) - very usable but for tablets only I'm waiting for Plasma Active to package it in Fedora (wait a little - not yet ready and depends on newest KDE Libraries). Of course we had the XO with Fedora.

Well, to make it shorter and to end this blogpost - thanks Zoli, Christoph, Thomas, David, Robert, Jirka (and others) - you're doing a great job as Ambassadors and the whole community should be proud of you! Hope to see you soon again.

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