středa 25. května 2011

Fedora 15 KDE Plasma Workspaces celebration ;-)

Last time, I was presenting the newest and freshest Fedora, it was autumn, nearly winter time, cold, everything was grey. But this time - I'm showing you Fedora 15. Maybe there's some symbolism in release name - Lovelock - because spring, the season of love is here and actually outside our air-conditioned office there's summer.

KDE Plasma Workspaces
And what we're going to offer you now? You can have 4.6.2 and fresh 4.6.3 already available in updates.

And even it's spring, nearly summer (or summer already as I said and I feel it that way ;-) - the leaves are falling down the tree like in fall! And personally - I'm waiting to play with QML based KSplash as it's not easy to force them to fly in current splash.

Overall desktop look and feel you can see in Ahmed's blogpost. Thanks!

Release party
Yesterday, we held a release party at our Brno's Red Hat office. We expected a lot of Red Hatters to show there up but we were really surprised (in a good way!) by external visitors attendance. It was fifty-fifty. Exactly - as in our statistics we identified about one hundred unique visitors (unknown browsers and resolution varied). We had some food, snacks and soft drinks for free and especially talks - again for free - for our loving users and devels.

Tomas Bzatek talked about Gnome 3 and as I'm in pair with him (as a mate, to rate his talks etc.) for our Presentations skills course, I have to admit, it was very nice talk. Then I tried to explain our, a little bit different approach taken in Plasma. Especially while showing Plasma Netbook. I talked also about Fedora governance structure as I'm Fedora Board member - it's one thing I can do for Goal #1 ;-) There were also systemd, ext4, Spice and Power Management talks. I think, it was great event for people who came!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to our download page and enjoy!

4 komentáře:

Anonymní řekl(a)...

That's simply gorgeous. I feel like taking a peek at the other side of the fence, but I like the Kubuntu guys.

How is the KDE spin managed in Fedora? Is there a community council like in Kubuntu, or is it governed solely by people on Red Hat payroll?

David Kolibáč řekl(a)...

Great event, thanks a lot.

I came late and had to leave earlier -- I just wondered when the last talk ended?

Anonymní řekl(a)...

The Fedora KDE spin is managed by the Fedora KDE SIG (SIG = Special Interest Group), a team organized independently of Red Hat, with some Red Hat employees (like Jaroslav) and some community volunteers (like me) in it. All KDE SIG members have the same rights, whether they work for Red Hat or not.

Rezza řekl(a)...

@zorael: As Kevin already explained - KDE SIG is driven by community with help from us. We had some sort of council/steering committee once (4 community members:3 RH members) but we already forgot about it :))) So I'm proud to work with such amazing team.

Kubuntu is not a bad choice, also driven by cool guys!

@davkol: we left a few minutes after 10 PM I guess. It's sad we didn't meet but nice to see you in the crowd!