středa 22. června 2011

Openmobility 2011

This weekend was really very challenging and hard, not only for me, but for all people around our small and dedicated group of open mobile technologies fans. We were running our Openmobility conference (sorry, web is Czech only but I hope soon we will publish more English pages), this year it was held in Brno and so a lot of organization duties fell on my head (and smashed it around ;-). I slept over 12 hours when I finally came home!

Openmobility is all about open source sw and hw and I think Saturday's program was really amazing one - Martin Kolman, the upstream author of modRana, talked about navigation in Linux. František Horínek shown publicly for the first time the new Arduino competitor - the STAX platform, citing him "release early, release often". Aleš Láník talked about Android and NFC and prepared Android NDK workshop. Another Android was shown - B&N Nook, with Qt hacks. Bedřich Košata talked about WebOS development, it's very nice Linux based platform as it uses real Linux user space (but still closed web UI on top of it) more than Android (read Ryan's blogpost). Even Qt is distributed there! Pavel Šimerda is a huge fan of Clutter - both talks and workshop were interesting.

And of course - I had to show younger brother of Clutter - Qt Quick and QML. It's cool technology and I prepared the presentation in QML itself (thanks to QML Presentation System - I'll try to package one day). It's great when you can show all examples and you don't have to move the mouse from your slides. Just you want to talk about Qt Mobility's mapping capabilities? Just embed Map object to your slides, add a few buttons, zooming and nice example is born!

Dan Horak represented Fedora and his work on secondary architectures. He gave well prepared talk - full of interesting stuff and he had a lot of nice hw running Fedora! I hope to see more Fedora ARM devices soon.

And this is only small portion of the whole conference. We had a showroom (showtable;-) with bunch of interesting open source ready hw - NotionInk Adam, Panda Boards, AI Touch Book, Arduiono, Efika Smartbook etc.

On Sunday - we had a FreeRunner hw bugfixing part with Navigation board add-on soldered in. And the meeting of our group with two new guys! Welcome Pavel and Martin!

I'd like to say big thanks to our local Fedora fellow Radek Vokal and Brno's office for support. And to everyone. It would be really very difficult without you and you made at least one guy really happy! All his dreams (in this tweet ;-).

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