pondělí 24. října 2011

Fedora Booth @LinuxCon Prague

Just a quick blogpost and another LinuxCon Prague reminder (thanks Lennart for knocking me to publish it)...

There will be Fedora Booth too!!!

What will you see (and get)?
  • Exo PC running Fedora 16 with Shell on top of it
  • Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t running Plasma Workspaces, both Desktop and Netbook (Fedora 16 too)
  • talk to Brno's Fedora/Red Hat guys (Jiri called it "Ask an Expert", there will be a schedule and these people will be available only for you)
  • a free stuff - like (still) Fedora 15 medias
I think both examples are great and proves, that Fedora can be used on desktops, has a nice netbook offering and is capable running on tablets too!

So, if you're coming to LinuxCon/ELCE/whatever ;-), stop by at our booth!

PS: as an Openmobility member, I have to remind you, that almost everybody from our group is attending too!

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