pondělí 25. června 2012

May, the LinuxMonat

May was an amazing month. Two big open source and Linux related events in Europe. Both in German speaking countries (Germany and Austria) and both with Linux prefix in the name. First I tried my memory, to remember the word for month in this language. I was studying it for a long time but also long time ago (elementary school) - so I had to use a dictionary, cheat a little bit and here we go - it was my LinuxMonat!

LinuxWochen Vienna

The first one was LinuxWochen in Vienna, co-hosted with Libre Graphics Meeting. If you understand Czech, you can read our report (with Jiri) from the event - Fedora na konferenci LinuxWochen. We had a very nice Fedora booth and even the real flying Fedora! Also the talks I was able to attend were nice (and because of LGM a lot in English ;-). Especially Krita one, I'm looking forward for another Krita created comics (check the last one - Wasted Mutants/Wisdom Mountain with DVD how to create one - your own)! Also Sirko (gnokii) managed to put hughsie and Kai-Uwe together and I'd like to invite people interested in open source colour management to join Linux Color Management Hackfest 2012 in Brno (hosted by Red Hat Czech office). It's scheduled for this fall.

Photo by Nicu

LinuxTag Berlin

Berlin is not as close as Vienna (Vienna is even the closest capital city to Brno) but there's a direct train and it costs only a few euros with special SporoTiket Evropa ticket. And it's the real trade fair. With real booths and real everything (even real security guys - and some people were already hacking tickets;-). That means we had much more bigger place, shared with CentOS guys, next to OpenSUSE and Beefy Miracle hot dog shop! We've got to Phoronix! A lot of fun (and free hot dogs and chameleon  free beer:-). From talks I saw only one - the over optimistic Qt 5 by Lars Knoll :( You know what's happening in Nokia...

Best combination ever!
And the LinuxNacht - main social event sponsored by Microsoft, Oracle and Nokia... With a music band playing on iPads... You know, we do not have money but we have spirit and also we ate as much as possible to use this generosity as much as possible too!

Well, thanks Sirko for Vienna, Christoph for Berlin - it's great we have such a great events we can spread Fedora and I hope to see more Fedora everywhere!

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