úterý 18. září 2012

Software Freedom Day Brno

Well, as I can see several Software Freedom Day 2012 blog posts around, why not to write another one.

Our  SFD consisted from talks (in LvB we call it Tower Talks as we use Red Hat's Big Tower meeting room), 3d printing, free TV-show, discussion and of course - beer. Marcel Kolaja, the Czech Pirate, begun with Free Culture talk - from the beginnings of the free software movement to the free currencies as Bitcoin.

Petr Kovář continued with free software localization talk - mostly from Gnome and Fedora Project perspectives and I hope he has attracted more people to join the effort :)

But everyone was waiting for RepRap 3D printer talk. Guys got lost in Brno on the trip from Prague (thanks guys for coming!)... Miro Hrončok and Marek Žehra from 3D print lab @ Czech Technical University shown the printer, explained basic principles and printed two hooks designed during the talk (actually during the trip to Brno :D).

After printing there was a time for relax - Your Face is a Saxophone is a very nice public domain TV-show - parody to the all kinds of marketing. Free to watch, download, share, remix, repurpose, or do anything else.

I talked a little bit about open and free software life cycle. And of course Fedora as an example one :-)

Later we moved to the pub nearby to have a few beers. Yep, we couldn't celebrate with stronger alcohol as it's currently banned in Czech Republic and there is prohibition in effect... Al Capone's resurrection!

I'd like to thanks everyone for coming and helping with the event (Jiří Eischmann, LvB, Pirati.cz and all speakers). I really enjoyed the whole day. And I hope you too. Everywhere around the globe!

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Unknown řekl(a)...

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Peter Lemenkov řekl(a)...

> Yep, we couldn't celebrate with stronger alcohol as it's currently banned in Czech Republic and there is prohibition in effect..

Totalitarism & GULAG!

Anonymní řekl(a)...

@peter unfortunately this is not a totalirian regime in action ... http://articles.marketwatch.com/2012-09-14/industries/33837974_1_methanol-bans-czech-republic ... it is really pretty bad.

Rezza řekl(a)...

22 people died last few days because of bootleg alcohol poisoning... But the ban actually makes black market stronger.

It's a very nice social experiment - in the top alcohol consumption's country in the world :)))

Unknown řekl(a)...

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